Where to use Roof Mounted Extractor Fans

Extractor fans are a great addition to any type of premises that requires the removal and dispelling of moisture laden or contaminated air.

What Is A Roof Mounted Extractor Fan?

A roof mounted extractor fan is a type of air ventilation instrument that is installed on the roof of a property, effective in drawing out (extracting) damp, stale or contaminated air inside and expelling it outside of the property.

Roof mounted extractor fans also provide the simplest and most effective way of ventilating a larger area, often a business or commercial setting is the ideal deployment location for this type of fan.

Where Should Roof Extractor Fans Be Used?

Due to their effectiveness in ventilation and versatility of function, roof mounted extractor fans can be installed on the roofs of a broad range of commercial locales and industrial environments, these can include - 

  • Hospitals

Hospitals and any type of medical facility, require the constant circulation of clean air not just for the health purposes of patients, but also the removal of potentially potent chemicals and medicines used on the premises.

  • Night Clubs

Large, dancing crowds can generate a lot of thermal and kinetic energy, therefore the air supply in venues such as night clubs must be regulated in order to keep patrons ventilated and the environment as safe as possible.

  • Restaurants

Restaurants would be one of the main locals for a roof mounted extractor due to the humidity, steam, grease and odours that arise from cooking, especially in large quantities. The heat and moisture alone quickly begin to clog up the air in the fast-paced environment of a commercial kitchen area, creating unpleasant smells and a potentially inhospitable working environment.

  • Commercial Or Industrial Laundromats

A roof mounted extractor fan would combat any air humidity as well as the clinging of chemical cleaning products, all the while preventing mould/mildew growth. Also extractor fans can help prevent lint fires caused by the heat of the machinery, the room and the abundance of combustive materials.

  • Warehouses/Garages/Workshops

Any workspace that makes use of heavy machinery usually produces small particles of soot/dust that can clog up the air within the room, causing potential breathing difficulties for staff. A roof mounted extractor fan provides a continuous circulation of clean air.

Benefits of Using Roof mounted Extractor Fans

As mentioned, a roof mounted extractor fan exhausts old, stale, damp or polluted air, while simultaneously oxygenating the premises on which it is installed by introducing cleaner, more hygienic air to freely circulate the inside of the environment.

This can improve working conditions and have health related benefits for staff and patrons, as well as increasing productivity.

Heat can also be extrapolated from humid older air, providing a much more tolerable working environment for employees as a cooling stream of clean air replaces dense and clogged up particles.

As well as the health of the people within the building, a roof mounted extractor fan offers protection to the inside of the building itself! The aerating of grease or moisture laden rooms can actually increase the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of a building.


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