Best Extractor Fans For Your Bathroom

A bathroom can be the ideal setting for a domestic extractor fan, and in this blog we will be discussing some of the best bathroom fans currently on the market.

What Is An Extractor Fan?

An extractor fan does exactly what it says on the tin, a fan that extracts (removes) air that is moisture laden and other unwanted by-products within a particular space, and expels it outside. 

Extractor fans are fitted usually as close as possible to the point of moisture release, most of these types of fans are axial and fitted to an exterior wall, or centrifugal and positioned in the middle of the ceiling (centrally).

An extractor fan works by using a motor powered propeller that spins at high speed to blow air outward. The vacuum effect this creates pulls any moisture or particles that are present through the fan to be released outside the premises.

Best Bathroom Fans

Here is a list of our bestsellers and staff picks sure to leave your bathroom clean and clear:

Greenwood Airvac Unity CV2GIP Fan

The Unity CV2GIP, is an any room decentralised mechanical extract ventilation (dMEV) continuously running fan, which complies with all system 3 building regulations. This fan is extremely discreet and quiet running, its circular design enables it to seamlessly adorn any bathroom decor. Also the CV2GIP has a very low operating noise, just 10dB(A) on its trickle setting.

This extractor fan has also been designed with the first ever SMART pad which is located at the front of the unit to enable easier customer adjustment and an efficient method of installation without the need for traditional dip switches behind the unit.

The CV2GIP also boasts Greenwood TimerSMART technology which offers greater control over pre-set time settings, reducing noise pollution, unnecessary running and unnecessary heat loss.

Price (inc VAT) - £95.99

Greenwood Airvac Unity CV3 Fan

Greenwood’s latest Airvac Unity fan, the CV3, is a dMEV, building regulation complaint unit that carries forward some of the design and innovation that made its predecessors such a success.

The CV3 was designed with  ‘do not disturb’ technology set to tackle unnecessary running at night. This fan also  includes a SMART humidity sensor and a SMART overrun timer.

This extractor’s airflow sensing technology senses, reacts and extracts to the correct performance for each installation, this helps negate mould and condensation caused by poor fan performance.

The CV3’s energy consumption is incredibly low, costing just 97p for an entire year’s running!

Also, the CV3 is the first fan ever equipped with contactless technology, allowing for greater control and optimisation via smart devices and the CV3 app.

Price (inc VAT) - £209.00

Systemair BF Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan (150mm 6")

Available in three output modes (standard, run-on timer, humidistat & timer) this centrifugal fan boasts very low energy usage, with less than 8 watts operating power consumption.

The BF Silent has an aesthetic front flat cover that can be easily removed for cleaning, a rigid optimised spigot support to prevent distortion, and a strengthened guard, designed to maximise airflow.

This compact fan’s integral back-draught shutter helps prevent expelled air flowing back into the room from which it was removed. 

Also, the BF silent is made up of completely recyclable plastic components and due to their double insulation, no earth connection is required.

Price (inc VAT) - £71.23

Why Are Bathroom Fans A good Idea

    • Removes condensation caused from the steam of using water outlets such as showers, baths and taps.
    • Prevention of mould growth due to the moisture and grime being removed from the air.
    • Removes odours caused by damp, stagnant air.
    • Saves your bathroom decor and fittings from being stained or distorted from condensation or mould.

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