Benefits Of Commercial Extractor Fans

An extractor fan can be a great addition to any type of commercial premises and often is deemed a necessity by third party industry regulation companies.

In this article we will be exploring the potential benefits for a commercial working environment that can be provided with the installation of an extractor fan.

What Is An Extractor Fan?

An extractor fan is exactly that, a fan that extracts (removes) air that is moisture laden and other unwanted by-products within a particular space, and expels it outside. Extractor fans are fitted usually as close as possible to the point of moisture release.

Most of these types of fans are axial and fitted to the exterior wall, they work by using a motor powered propeller that spins at high speed to blow air outward. The vacuum effect this creates pulls any moisture or particles that are present through the fan to be released outside the premises.

What Types Of Commercial Premises Use Extractor Fans?

An extractor fan is at its most effective when deployed in working environments that, as mentioned, release unwanted by-products that cling to or contaminate the air or are particularly humid.

Commercial Kitchens

Kitchens would be one of the main locales for an extractor fan installation due to the humidity, steam, grease and odours that arise from cooking, especially in large quantities. The heat and moisture alone quickly begin to clog up the air in the fast-paced environment of a commercial kitchen area, creating unpleasant smells and a potentially inhospitable working environment.

Commercial Laundromat

Large scale laundromats are also a great place for an extractor fan to effectively do its thing! An extractor fan would combat any air humidity and the cling of cleaning products, all the while preventing mould/mildew growth. Also extractor fans can help prevent lint fires caused by the heat of the machinery, the room and the abundance of combustive materials.


Any workspace that makes use of heavy machinery usually produces small particles of soot/dust that can clog up the air within the room, causing potential breathing difficulties for staff.

Legal Requirement

As of 2006, by law you are required to have a fully operational extraction system installed in any commercial kitchen setting, these must also be cleaned and serviced at least once per annum.

Benefits Of Using An Extractor Fan 

Improves Air Quality

The main function of an extractor fan is to dispel contaminated or sub-optimal air from the working space. The removal of moisture from the air doesn't give mould spores the chance to grow which can be of detriment to employee’s health; extractor fans can also remove smoke, airborne grease, odours, steam and fumes, leaving the occupants with much cleaner, safer air. 

Heat Removal

Extractor fans, in hotter environments, can also aid in removing the heat from a room in order to create a continuous clean and cool air flow, much to the benefit of employees whose patience and safety can be compromised in sweltering, high pressure work environments.

Maintain Premises Interior Health

In work environments where the air is humid or greasy, the surface detailing and subsequent structural integrity of the surrounding walls may also be at risk. An extractor fan will remove all the staining potential grime and particles from the air, a proactive way of protecting the interior of your commercial premises.


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