Systemair ITR Speed Controller 5 Amp - For AC Fans

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Product Description

The electronic speed controllers of the ITR series control the speed of single phase (110-240V AC / 50-60 Hz) voltage controllable motors by varying the supplied voltage. ITR controllers provide automatic power supply detection. The minimum speed is internally adjusted via a trimmer.

The output is regulated by a potentiometer in the range of the minimum output voltage to the supply voltage. The ITR controller provides an unregulated output for a three-wire motor connection, valve, lamp, damper, etc. There are two start-up modes - kick start and soft start, internally selected by placing or removing a jumper on the PCB.

Key Features

  • Wide power supply range (110-240V AC / 50-60 Hz)
  • Automatic supply voltage detection
  • Adjustable stepless output voltage
  • Minimum speed adjustable by internal trimmer
  • Kick start or soft start
  • Illuminated on/off switch

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Systemair ITR Speed Controller 5 Amp Data sheet

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