Elta Turboflow TF500 Contra Rotating Axial Flow Fan Single Phase AC - 500mm



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Product Description

    • Standard size 500 mm
    • Air volume flow rates up to 2.284 m3/s
    • Static pressures up to 344 Pa
    • Suitable for operating temperatures up to +50℃
    • Ideal for internal or external use


The Turboflow TF is a two stage axial fan which has been specifically developed to tackle higher pressure requirements with a straightforward, efficient and definitive approach.


Motors are wired via a weatherproofed cable to an IP55 protected terminal box mounted on the outside of the unit casing for ease of electrical connection.


High efficiency adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers are provided with blades made from high quality pressure die cast aluminium. Increased blade chord and twist provides 7% higher efficiency reducing overall energy consumption. The use of contra-rotating impellers allow operation at higher pressures within a smaller fan diameter.

Guides & Manuals
Elta Turboflow TF500 Circular Duct Fan Single Phase EC - 500mm Datasheet
Elta Turboflow TF500 Circular Duct Fan Single Phase EC - 500mm Installation

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