Elta PIV ONE Loft Mounted Positive Input Ventilation Unit



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Product Description

    Loft mounted whole-house Positive Input Ventilation unit designed to introduce fresh, clean and filtered air into the dwelling. This dilutes, displaces and replaces internal stale, contaminated, humid air. Suitable for floor or ceiling installation, in any position.

    • Creates a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment, curing condensation and mould problems and reducing Radon gas concentration.
    • Two filters ensure that the incoming air is clean by removing dust, pollen and external air pollutants.
    • EC motor saves energy and provides extremely quiet operation.

    The PIV ONE positive input ventilation system provides fresh, high-quality filtered air; effectively dealing with condensation issues and diluting harmful pathogens. Installation is easy and it’s also incredibly cost-effective.

    This advanced system operates continuously to maintain a fresh and healthy indoor environment. When the humidity threshold is detected, the fan automatically boosts its speed, effectively reducing excess moisture and preventing condensation build-up. This intelligent feature ensures optimal air quality, minimises the risk of mould and mildew growth and promotes a comfortable living space.


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