Why Commercial Patio Heaters Are A good Idea

A patio heater, especially in the right commercial setting, can provide a plethora of benefits for people occupying that particular outdoor space.

In this article we will be exploring why commercial patio heaters can be a way of enhancing your property, while saving money.

What Is A Patio Heater

A patio heater is an externally installed outdoor space heater, they often work by converting electricity into infrared heat via a heating element or lamp.

Demand for patio heaters went through the roof amid the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in which people could only socialise in larger groups when outdoors, patio heaters provided the perfect accoutrement to spending time with friends and family as they made (in some cases) previously inhospitable environments, a haven in which to relax.

What Commercial Locations Use Patio Heaters?

Patio heaters can be deployed almost anywhere with an outdoor area in which people spend time, this makes them perfect for heating commercial areas such as:


For any eatery that provides the opportunity for alfresco (outdoor) dining, patio heaters are a must, offering warmth and light while customers continue to relax and enjoy their meals even into the evening.


Any venue that serves alcohol and has later opening hours usually install patio space heaters to offer a change of scenery for their patrons or a place for people to have a breather amid the big night out regardless of the weather.

Theatres/Tourist Attractions/Venues

Venues and tourist attractions where groups gather and spend time outdoors as well as indoors, often benefit from a patio space heater as occupants know they can spend an extended time outside without being frozen as they enjoy themselves.

Benefits Of A Patio Heater


These types of heaters are 100% efficient when in use, every watt of energy drawn from the socket is then transferred into usable heat, meaning no money is going to waste. When combined with renewable energy, commercial patio heaters are a totally carbon-neutral heating solution. Also, their deep radiant heat negates the chance of the warmth they produce being diffused by the wind.

Space Utilisation

A well placed wall mounted commercial patio heater, as mentioned above, can transform a previously un-utilised outdoor area, a very affordable solution to creating extra space.

Extended Opening Hours

Commercial patio heaters allow venues with outside seating to stay open later than if the area was unheated, this increases the amount the customers are likely to pay over the course of their stay.

Our Patio Heater Pick | Vent Axia Sunburst 2kw Wall Mount Radiant Heater

One of our finest patio heaters, the Sunburst is manufactured by heating and ventilation giants Vent-Axia, and features the efficiency and power to keep outside occupants warm without being a distracting addition to the scenery.

  •  Economical and easy to install
  •  Silent operational volume
  •  No yearly maintenance cost
  •  Shortwave IR halogen lamp
  •  Instant heat from switch on
  •  Precision heating directed where you need it
  •  Up to 5000 hours element lifespan


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