How Do Air Curtains Work?

Air curtains are fan-powered devices that are designed to prevent airborne contaminants from migrating between areas in a building. 

They work by blowing air downwards over an opening, such as a doorway, to maintain separation between the two rooms or between internal and external environments without restricting access.

The forced air creates a barrier that aids in temperature control by stopping hot or cold air from entering a doorway or building at an opening.

They are also effective at keeping contaminants such as insects, dust, pollen, and other debris, from entering a room or building.

What are the Different Types of Air Curtains?

There are two types of air curtains available:

Heated Air Curtains

The primary purpose of heated air curtains is to prevent heat from escaping through an open door, helping to better maintain room temperature. This allows businesses and organisations to make significant energy savings in the winter by keeping heating bills low.

You may recognise these when you enter a shop front and feel a warm blast of air temporarily hit you from above.

Unheated Air Curtains

Unheated air curtains are used to prevent the entrance of contaminants into areas where hygiene is a priority, such as in hospitals, factories and kitchens.

Where Might You Need Air Curtains?


Air curtains are often used within restaurants in order to improve customer comfort as they enter and exit the restaurant by reducing the temperature loss as the doors open. This also means tables situated close to the door won’t feel draughts as much.


Hospitals and assisted living areas have strict hygiene requirements that must be adhered to. Thankfully, air curtains are excellent at preventing the spread of airborne particles between areas of hospitals, minimising the risk of spread of diseases and viruses. 

This is especially important for doors that lead to critical areas, such as intensive care units or surgical suites.

If your business is looking to reduce contamination or better maintain room temperatures, air curtains are the perfect solution. Check out our range of air curtains today! 

Drive-Thru Windows

Air curtains above drive-thru windows ensure employees can work comfortably, regardless of the weather outside. The air curtain also minimises contamination by restricting particles from outside from entering the kitchen.

In particular this type of setting may benefit from ‘small opening’ air curtains which prove economical and beneficial in non space abundant locales.

Kitchens and Walk-In Freezers or Coolers

Air curtains prevent cold air from escaping from walk-in freezers or coolers each time the door is opened. They also work to reduce any insects and contaminants from entering these food storage areas where hygiene is of utmost priority.

By better maintaining the temperature of these freezers, you can also benefit from low energy bills as less energy is required to keep them cool.

Auto Body Shops

In certain sections of auto body shops, such as areas where painting and detailing occurs, keeping the air dust-free is essential. This is where air curtains come in. They help to eliminate the transfer of airborne particles from the main shop to the painting sections.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are very large and very expensive places to maintain a temperature in. One solution to this problem is by installing air curtains at each entrance and exit of the centre to minimise temperature loss each time the doors open.

Not only will this help keep customers comfortable no matter the outside weather, it will also help to keep energy bills down.

Warehouses and Factories

Warehouses and factories are often temperature controlled and hygiene is a requirement. However, with heavy traffic constantly moving in and out of the premises, warehouses are frequently open to the elements.

Fortunately, air curtains above dock doors can reduce contamination and temperature loss, helping to significantly cut energy bills and maintain hygiene standards. 

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