eFans Favourite Twin Fans

In this article we are going to be exploring what twin fans are, how they work and a selection of some of the finest models we have available.

What Is A Twin Fan?

A twin fan (sometimes referred to as a twin extractor fan), is the housing of two separate fans in a singular case. A twin fan functions with only one fan operational at any one time, working in succession as opposed to a dual fan where both fans work at the same time.

Benefits Of A Twin Fan

With one fan working for a pre-set amount of time (i.e 12 hours) and shutting off after the time limit is reached, handing over to its partner fan for a continuous operational cycle, this ensures each fan isn’t working constantly, elongating operational longevity.

Also if one fan within the casing were to fail, the other fan would continue to work until a replacement can be sourced.

Systemair KVK Duo Twin Fan

The KVK Duo Twin models utilise a galvanised sheet steel casing and boast acoustic and thermal insulation with a layer of 50mm mineral wool and an internal surface liner to prevent fibre travel into the airstream.

The Systemair KVK Duo Twin also contains double inlet centrifugal fans and integral thermal contacts with leads for connection to a motor protection device. The KVK also features specially constructed forward curved impellers and maintenance free external rotators.

The output speed of the fan is controllable via voltage reduction using a thyristor or transformer.

Available Sizes

  • 315mm - £1,692.52 (inc. VAT)
  • 250mm - £1,047.84 (inc. VAT)
  • 200mm - £949.59 (inc. VAT)
  • 160mm - £725.88 (inc. VAT)
  • 125mm - £651.90 (inc. VAT)

Systemair KV DUO EC Twin Fan 

The KV Duo range is manufactured from Aluzinc sheet steel with acoustic lining and is suitable for external roof installation, the KV is driven by energy saving EC- external motors with a highly efficient functionality.

All models contain backward curved centrifugal impellers connected to an IP65 terminal box. A safe and maintenance free setup means the KV Duo is easy to connect to spiral ducts using FK clamps.

Available sizes 

  • 315mm - £1,835.38 (inc. VAT)
  • 400mm - £2,868.00 (inc. VAT)

Systemair ACO8AC/EC Panel IP40 Auto Changeover Panel for KV and KVK Duo fans

This dual powered AC/EC Systemair twin fan controller runs alternatively dependent on an adjustable changeover period and features a regular/boosted speed setting available due to the Potentiometers (integrated resistor).

Price - £310.35 (inc. VAT)


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