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At eFans, we proudly stock BSB Fire Dampers. Here’s why BSB is the leading fire damper manufacturer and why you can place your trust in us to supply them.

What are BSB Fire Dampers?

Fire dampers are duct fittings designed to stop flames and smoke from passing through, helping to prevent the fire spreading. They work by closing the doors over the vent, so that fire cannot pass through the slats. 

Features and Benefits of BSB Fire Dampers

BSB Fire Dampers comply with BS EN 15650. This is a standard which governs performance and requirements for fire dampers, covering everything from response time to corrosion protection; fire resistance to actuation. 

All BSB tested installation methods also give the highest E120 classification, meaning their fire dampers can prevent the spread of fire for up to two hours.

When selecting the right fire dampers for your building, you can choose between galvanised and stainless steel options, as well as the option of a microswitch for remote indication.

Tested and certified installation variants of the FD-C are available for dry walls, masonry walls and concrete floors, making them suitable for a whole host of applications.

Up to Date on Latest Regulations

BSB follows regulation and standards development very carefully in order to offer input on changes and pass on relevant information to designers, building control authorities and installers.


BSB has over 60 years of experience working with customer sales and technical enquiries, as well as organising delivery and dispatching thousands of orders to national, European and international locations.

Environmentally Responsible

BSB takes extra steps to ensure they are environmentally responsible, making sure minimal energy and lower emissions was a part of their design specification in their new business premises.

They also capture heat produced from compressors, welding bays and other machinery and integrate it with fresh air intakes in order to provide a clean and comfortable working environment.

Factory and office lighting and space heating is operated by occupancy sensors, so energy is only used when required, minimising waste. 

Highly Efficient

BSB aren’t just energy efficient, they’re also incredibly time efficient. Their factory has been designed with build-to-order flow manufacturing, where raw steel materials enter the production area and, through engineered processes, the final assembled damper arrives in the structured dispatch area ready for loading, ensuring an ultra fast turnaround.

BSB Fire Dampers at eFans

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