Keeping your home or business premises warm, comfortable, and healthy is essential. Heat recovery systems are an effective solution to this, but what exactly are they? And how do you decide between a single room and a whole house solution? 

In this article, we’ll be exploring these questions and more to help you decide if a heat recovery system is right for your home or business.

What is a Heat Recovery System?

A heat recovery system also known as mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), is an energy-efficient solution that provides your home or office with fresh, filtered air while conserving the heat that would ordinarily be lost in the ventilation process.

Heat recovery systems not only warm your rooms but also ensure good indoor air quality, helping to combat mould and condensation issues.

There are two primary types of heat recovery systems: Single Room Heat Recovery and Whole House Heat Recovery. The former is designed to ventilate a single space, while the latter serves an entire building.

How Does a Heat Recovery System Work?

Heat recovery systems work by drawing the thermal energy from the outgoing 'stale' air in order to warm up the incoming fresh air. Here's how it happens:

In a single room system, a fan extracts the stale, warm air from a room, and as it leaves, it passes over a heat exchanger. The heat from this outgoing air is captured by the exchanger. Fresh, colder air from the outside is then drawn into the system, passing over the same heat exchanger, where it is warmed up before being pumped back into the room.

A whole house heat recovery system operates on a similar principle but on a larger scale. It continuously extracts the stale, warm air from high moisture rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms, retains the heat in the exchanger, and uses it to warm the cooler, fresh air that is supplied to the living and sleeping areas.

Benefits of a Heat Recovery System

Improved Energy Efficiency 

By recycling the heat you've already generated, a heat recovery system reduces the demand on your heating system, leading to energy savings. This helps to make your home or business more energy efficient, reducing your carbon footprint. 

Cost Savings

Thanks to the improved energy efficiency, you can benefit from reduced utility bills over time, helping you to save money.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

A heat recovery system filters incoming air, removing pollutants, allergens, and dust. This results in a healthier living environment, which can be especially beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Condensation and Mould Control

By regulating humidity levels and providing continuous ventilation, an HRS reduces the risk of condensation and mould growth, which can damage your property and harm your health.

Comfort and Health: With a constant supply of fresh, warm air, an HRS can make your home more comfortable, especially in colder months. It also promotes a healthier indoor environment by ensuring adequate ventilation and reducing indoor air pollution.

Should I Get a Single Room or Whole House Heat Recovery System?

The choice between a single room and a whole house heat recovery system depends on your specific needs, budget, and the structure of your building.

A single room heat recovery system is ideal if you want to improve ventilation and heating in a specific part of your house, such as a basement, attic, or room with poor ventilation. It's also the go-to choice for those on a tight budget or living in an apartment where installing a whole house system might not be feasible.

A whole house heat recovery system, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for larger homes or new constructions, where it can be designed into the building process. Although it requires a more significant initial investment, it provides comprehensive ventilation and heat recovery for your entire home, leading to a more uniform temperature and air quality throughout.

Heat Recovery Systems at eFans

At eFans, we supply a wide range of heat recovery systems to suit your home or business. Choose between single room heat recovery systems or whole house systems from our number of top manufacturers, including Zehnder, Vent-Axia and Systemair.

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